Wise Words is a blog that offers tips, insight and perspectives about topics of interest to the general public. It is a service of Southern Connecticut State University, which is proud of the wide variety of expertise offered by its faculty and staff members. One of the aims of the blog is to tap into this expertise through discussions of subjects that appeal to readers.

The principal blogger for Wise Words is Joe Musante, a writer/editor at Southern who specializes in media relations. A former journalist, he has worked at Southern for the last 12 years, where he has promoted the university — including its faculty, students and staff.

The blog is produced by Southern’s Office of Public Affairs, which is responsible for its content. The department is led by Patrick Dilger, who serves as the university’s director of public affairs.

Wise-Words_FB_409x409pxIn an effort to generate a healthy discussion of the topics, we encourage people to submit their comments and suggestions. Please note that while diversity of opinion is welcome, profanity and rude comments are not. The Office of Public Affairs reserves the right to include or exclude comments. We also are open to ideas for blog topics. What is of interest to you? What questions did you always want to ask a professor about a specific topic? If we like your idea, we may include it in a future posting in Wise Words.

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